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Past Workshops and Events 

Explore our impactful community events and initiatives, ranging from mental health workshops to financial empowerment sessions, fostering growth and support for all.

2023 and Beyond

Jan 2023

Addressed business burnout with a focus on mental health and wellness, featuring Tonya Lidipo of The Lidipo Group.

Feb 2023

Organized a panel discussion with Black-Owned Restaurant owners sharing their journey and insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

March 2023

Hosted a Women’s Health & Financial Wellness Workshop, covering topics from mental health to personal finance and women's physical health.

April and May 2023

Conducted Money Mastery sessions, empowering individuals on personal budgeting, saving strategies, and asset security.

June  2023

Organized an Adulting Lessons and Skills Workshop, featuring expert panels on finance and health

Aug 2023

Hosted a Boating Mixer event promoting new experiences and community engagement.

Oct 2023

Initiated the Cures Start With Education - A Cancer Awareness Workshop, focusing on prevention, early detection, and support in minority communities.

Nov 2023

Held EOC’s First Fundraiser, marking a milestone in community support and funding.

Dec 2023

Partnered with the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) to initiate a Mental Health Workshop tailored specifically for young adults residing in the south and west suburbs, addressing the challenges of the winter season and providing essential mental health support.

Collaborated with three organizations to support families during the holiday season, emphasizing collective efforts and community solidarity.

Jan-Feb 2024 

Completed a focus study with young adults, leading to the implementation of virtual events under the EOC Care umbrella to decrease the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and depression, increasing access to mental wellness support and virtual community.

March 2024

"Girl it's Giving Red Flags" Worksop is a vital workshop tailored for young women, offering insights and guidance to navigate the nuances of romantic and sexual relationships while prioritizing mental well-being. This event, provided a safe space to discuss and address potential warning signs in relationships, empowering participants with essential tools to foster healthy connections and make informed decisions. Through interactive discussions and expert guidance, attendees gained valuable insights into recognizing and managing red flags, ultimately promoting positive mental health outcomes in their relationships and personal lives.

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