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2024 Initiatives at a Glance

As we step into 2024, our mission to utilize our platform for reducing violence within our communities continues with a renewed vigor. Central to our agenda is engaging young adults aged 18 to 35 in constructive, empowering, and educational initiatives. To bring these ambitious initiatives to fruition, we earnestly seek the support of volunteers and financial contributions from individuals and organizations aligned with our cause. Your involvement, be it through volunteering your time or offering financial support, is instrumental in materializing these ventures that are meticulously designed to catalyze positive change:


Board Expansion

  • Strengthening governance and strategic oversight.

  • Action Steps:

    • Identify and recruit individuals with diverse expertise.

    • Facilitate onboarding and training for new board members.


Team Growth

  • Enhancing organizational capacity with two new full-time employees.

  • Roles:

    • Human Resources Specialist

    • Program Coordinator


Summer Intensive Program- Young Adults 

  • Empowering young adults in workforce transition.

  • Components:

    • Vocational Skills Training

    • Career Development Workshops

    • Mentorship Opportunities


Youth Wellness Initiative

Promoting healthy eating and exercise for youth.


  • Nutrition Workshops

  • Fitness Programs

  • Community Gardens and Green Spaces

By supporting Educating Our Community in these endeavors, donors contribute to a transformative impact on education, workforce development, community empowerment, and civic engagement. Join us in building a foundation for sustainable growth and positive change in 2024.

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